It is my proud privilege to welcome new comers to join Shifa Family.
You would experience the collegial environment with the glare of feelings of belonging, sharing and caring. Shifa College of Medicine (SCM) is stipulated to produce doctors of very high caliber who are humane and capable of developing as good family physicians to meet the growing demands of the new millennium. SCM is envisioned to a beacon of light for the country’s scientific and clinical progress.

The establishment of SCM is an event of immense significance and a major milestone in the innovative history of medical education in Pakistan. It has already adopted SPICES model of education that is student-centred, problem-based, integrated, community-oriented, elective driven and systematic. This new model of pedagogy provides our graduate doctors an easy access to the top-most universities and medical schools of the developed world. They can become the members of medico’s community of the world, conveniently. Also, they would be well-equipped to serve the ailing in homeland with passion and compassion.

The faculty of SCM provides diversity which is real essence of a good educational institution. Brilliant doctors with appropriately high qualifications and skilled with professional experience from elegant hospitals and universities of Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. provide a multifact academic outlook. Similarly, students also bring diversity hailing from multinational and multicultural backdrops. One of the unique qualities of SCM is critical reasoning and “tolerance to critique” in academia, a rare trait in developing countries. This has played a pivotal role in updating/review of academic programs and designing and modulating the system-based learning.

The college believes in troika of medical education that is gaining knowledge with comprehension, learning experimental and clinical skills and acquiring attitude of a good learner and a doctor. I am confident that you would enjoy your stay and the process of learning with “Shifa Family” in medical and health sciences. “Together we can achieve extraordinary”.

May Allah Almighty always bless you (Aamen).

Prof. Dr. Syed Shoaib Hussain Shah