Department of Biochemistry

The Section of Biochemistry at SCM is committed to providing an academic program of the highest quality that is comparable to international standards. At our college, Biochemistry has been integrated with other disciplines of Basic and Medical Sciences to help students learn the subject with clinical relevance. This not only motivates the students to learn the basic concepts of Biochemistry but also makes it easier for them to remember what they have learnt. We have introduced Molecular Medicine in our modules to teach disease pathogenesis at the molecular level with an emphasis on how current innovations in molecular biology are being used for disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Our subject is covered in relevant system-based modules using various diverse educational tools that stimulate the intellectual curiosity of the students. The teaching techniques primarily include small group discussions, lectures, case presentations, large group interactive sessions and problem based learning. Dialogue and interaction between the faculty and students are an integral part of these sessions. We encourage our students to think independently and express themselves in small group sessions as well as in class presentations. We have in our Section eight faculty members dedicated to the advancement of medical knowledge. We have highly qualified and experienced senior faculty with expertise in Nutritional Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Besides the main SCM library we also have a sectional library with a large number of books and journals in Biochemistry and Nutrition. We have research laboratories with a High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system with diode array detector as well as Gas Chromatography (GC) system. A PCR laboratory is also functioning as a diagnostic facility for SCM’s Falahi patients and for research on the genetic basis of disease in our population.

Department of Biochemistry: Faculty Members


Dr. Syed Qamar Alam
M.Sc, Ph.D. (U.S.A.)

Professor and Section Head
Dr. Aisha Mohyuddin
M.Sc. , Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Dr. Sumreena Mansoor
MBBS, MPhil Biochemistry, MCPSHPE(Medical Education)

Assistant Professor
Dr. Afrose Liaquat


Dr. Ali Raza Nasir

Dr. Ahmed Bilal


Dr. Syeda Hanaa Fatima

Dr. Nizam Farid Chishti