Dean's Message

The Shifa College of Nursing took in its first class on the first Monday of January 2004 with the avowed aim of being a 21st century institution. This class of 2007 has graduated last year.A lot has happened in between. The College has now occupied its custom-built premises at the Shifa International Hospital, courtesy of the hospital and has fulfilled the requirements of Pakistan Nursing Council. INAC, PNC approval, start of Post-RN BScN Programme.

We are thankful to Allah (SWT) and the administration the Shifa International Hospital for providing a home for the college and for agreeing to sponsoring majority of the students in perpetuity. This has given the college an opportunity to use merit as the sole basis of admission and help stabilize its financial base. The fact that the Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University has been approved by the Cabinet will give the college its own home base. The college will now be able to indulge in curricular and procedural innovations and this in turn will put it in the forefront of institutions in consonance with the demands of the 21st century.

In conclusion, I must reiterate the commitment of the institution to excellence, ethical and disciplined behavior and hard work with full awareness of the obligation to humanity at large as per the edicts of the Creator. At the same time, the college has its goal to help make a positive contribution in the overall order of things in our beloved country.

May Allah (SWT) be our help and guide.

Dr. Mohammed Amin