Student Facilities

The Shifa College of Nursing is a part of the Shifa Family which includes Shifa International Hospital (SIH) and Shifa College of Medicine (SCM), sharing many of the facilities for their mutual benefit.

Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office is students’ contact from the time before admission to this college (through Admission Office) to the times after their graduation as alumni of the college. This office is students’ advisor, friend, record keeper and information source. Student Affairs Office is responsible for:

• Advertisement of the program
• Admissions to Shifa College of Nursing
• Verification of students’ original document from concerning educational boards.
• Liaison with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC).
• Students’ Permanent Records
• Merit Awards, College Awards with collaboration of Academic Committee SCN
• Communication with Parents (e.g. results of examinations, attendance disorder)
• Guidance and Counseling
• Students’ Extra Curricular Activities through Student Social Committee
• Student Health through Student Health Physician
• Reference Letters and Transcripts
• Student Facilities Graduation, and Alumni Affairs

Counseling of Students: (the first and immediate contact should be the Student Affairs Office (Mrs. Saira Abbas, ext.3636). However, faculty members are always available and willing to advice and counsel). 

Class rooms
Class rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with over-head slide projectors and multimedia facilities and whiteboard.


SCN has the following lab facilities for its students:
• Skill laboratory
• Bio-Chemistry laboratory
• Anatomy laboratory
• Computer laboratory
• Pathophysiology

Library: Dr. Shahina Qazi Center for Medical Informatics

The aim of the library is to provide informational resources and services requisite for supporting the successful operation of the College and the Hospital.

The Dr. Shahina Qazi Center for Medical Informatics offers following facilities:
• Books for borrowing and referencing
• Journals / Periodicals
• Internet access
• Inter library loans
• The Online public access catalogue
• Medline and other health care related search engines
• Photocopy services


Computing and Informatics
For all computer related work SCN students utilizes Shifa College of Nursing Computer.

Clinical Based facilities
For the clinical practice SCN students mostly utilize hospital facilities of the following hospitals :

• Shifa International Hospital
• Shifa Foundation Community Health Center (SFCHC).
• Bilal Hospital
• Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
• Federal Government Hospital Services
• Rawalpindi General Hospital
• Armed Forces Institute of  Cardiology
• Armed Forces Institute of Mental Health

These hospitals provide the student an exposure to a number of clinical disciplines related to all areas of medical and surgical nursing, mental health nursing, leadership & management, pediatric, gynae & obstetrical exposure. Custom built outpatient and inpatient wings has high tech ICU, CCU, NICU, Dialysis unit and fully functional ten operation theaters.

In addition, based on the clinical requirement, students utilize various hospital and health care settings through out Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Community Based Facilities
In order to promote the vision of versatility in the training of its students, SCN is linked to some of the primary health care centers in and around Islamabad-Rawalpindi area.

• Shifa Foundation Community Health Center (Falahee Clinic)
• National Institute of Health
• District Health Services
• Regional training Institute
• Ratwal Village
• Tameer-e-Millat City of Education (Ratwal)
• Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
• Under privileged Areas of Islamabad ( Kachi Abbadi )
• Dar-e-Ali bin Abi Talib School

In addition, students will also be rotating through different local sites of interest like slaughter house, pharmaceutical companies, Edhi center, Ibn-e-Sina, Lokvirsa, museums, factories etc.


Picnics / Trips:
SCN arrange picnics and recreational trips for all students once a year.


Sports Facilities
SCN has 4 acres of area for recreational facilities such as tennis, basket and volley ball courts, cricket ground, walking/jogging tracks etc

Student Health Care
All students must be registered with the Shifa Foundation Community Health Center during the first week of admission or soon thereafter and obtain a registration number. Students will be informed of the date for immunization.

In addition, during the entire program span students are entitled to avail the facilities of Shifa Foundation Community Health Center at nominal charges.

Cafeteria & Tuck-shop
The premises have two cafeterias &  tuck shops where students and faculty can get food items.

Prayer Areas
The mosque is situated in the Hospital close to G-1 lounge. Prayer timings are displayed in the mosque.

College parking should preferably occupy the area beyond the college entrance in front of the library. Parking tickets must be obtained from the security on entry and returned while exiting. The security has standing instructions not to allow ‘exit’ unless the parking ticket is produced. Security personnel should not be hindered in the performance of their duty. They have orders and duties to perform. SCN & SIH accept no responsibility for damage or lose to the vehicle.


Airline / Railway Concession
SCN provides concession forms to students wishing to utilize Air and Rail services. These forms can be attested at the Student Affairs Office a week before traveling. Demand for “on the spot service” should be avoided.

Mailing Addresses
Examination results, and other urgent matters relevant to students, are mailed to parents regularly. Students and parents are requested to keep their mailing addresses, phone contacts, and email IDs updated with the Student Affairs Office.