SCN Faculty

Dr. Anwar Aziz
PhD in Quality Management in Education
University of Bradford, England, UK
MSc in Education Management Sciences
Sheffield Hallam University, England, UK
MA in Educational Planning and Management (EPM) AIOU, Islamabad
Postgraduate Diploma in Research Methodology
University of Bradford, England, UK
Postgraduate Diploma in Ward Administration, Teaching and Administration,
College of Nursing, JPMC Karachi
Diploma in Nursing and Diploma in Midwifery
School of Nursing, CGH, Rawalpindi RN, RM
Course: Nursing Research

Nafeesa Iqbal
Acting Principal/ Asst. Professor

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Subia Parveen
Assistant Professor
RN, Post RN ,
Diploma in Bioethics MSN (Eras Mundus Oviedo Spain)
Courses: Critical Care Nursing

Jacoline Sommer
RN- RM- RGH, Rawalpindi
Advance Diploma in Early Child Development (AKU)
Post Basic Diploma in Pediatric Nursing (PIMS, ISB)
Currently enrolled for Masters in Health Research at KMU Peshawar.
Coordinator Post RN Year I
Course: Nursing Practice I

Sadia Farhan Khan
Master in Nursing (AKUSONAM)
Diploma in Nursing (AKUSONAM)
Coordinator Year II
Co- Course Coordinator: English
Courses: Pathopohysiology, Adult Health Nursing


Gideon Victor
RN (Quetta Mission Hospital), BScN (AKU) 
Coordinator Year IV, 
Clinical Coordinator 
BLS Instructor 
Courses: Adult Health Nursing II, Advance Concepts in Nursing 
Intensive Care Nursing Instructor






Afsar Jan
Coordinator Year III
Courses: Pediatric Health Nursing
Mental Health Nursing

Saleem Khan
MA English (Literature & Linguistics)
Coordinator: English Language
Course: English Language MA English (Literature & Linguistics)

Muhammad Ishtiaq
BScN (Shifa College of Nursing)
Currently enrolled in MSPH from Health Services Academy Islamabad.
Courses:  Community Health Nursing, Nursing Research, Epidemiology, Biostatistics





Muhammad Farooq
Courses: Intensive Nursing Care (INC), Health Assessment.





Haji Bibi
Junior Lecturer
RN (AKU), RM (Garden Maternity Home Karachi),
Diploma in Ward & Teaching Administration from PIMS,
MSc from Allama Iqbal Open University (Women Studies)
Currently enrolled in MSPH from Health Services Academy Islamabad.
Health Coordinator
Course: Community Health Nursing


Huma Rubab

BScN (Shifa College of Nursing)
Coordinator: Year I
Courses: Adult Health Nursing II, Advance Concept in Nursing



Arifa Tasneem
Diploma in General Nursing
Post-Basic Diploma in Midwifery ,
Accident & Emergency,
Ward Administration,
Teaching & Administration Courses:
Accident & Emergency Nursing




Aisha Parveen
Junior Lecturer RN  (AKU) ,
Post RN BScN program Shifa College of Nursing )
Courses: Adult Health Nursing, Health Assessment





Bushra Sultan
Junior Lecturer
BScN (Shifa College of Nursing)
Course: Fundamental of Nursing


Ruth Christina
Junior Lecturer
Post RN BSN, Shifa College of Nursing
Courses: Adult Health Nursing, Health Assessment


Muhammad Hashim
Junior Lecturer
BSN, Shifa College of Nursing
Courses: Fundamental of Nursing, Community Health Nursing



Hafiz Muhammad Irfan
Junior Lecturer MSPH (Quaid-e-Azam University)
Diploma in Supply Chain Management.
RN, BScN (Shalamar College of Nursing)
Courses: Intensive Nursing Care, Fundamental of Nursing






Muhammad ZubairAsad
Junior Lecturer
Post RN BSN (AKU Karachi)
Courses: Post RN Year I




Syed Babar Ali
Junior Lecturer BScN (Shifa College of Nursing)
Diploma in Public Health Management(CASE) MSPH ( Quaid-e-Azam University)
Courses: Leadership & Management, Research, Epidemiology , Biostatistics, Community Health Nursing





Bibi Hajira
Junior Lecturer RN &RM(Liaquat National Hospital Karachi)
Post RN BScN program (Shifa College of Nursing )
PGDPA( Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration)
Karachi University MAS( Master in Administrative Science Major Health Management )
Karachi University Courses: Culture Health & Society, Mental Health Nursing




Saira Manzoor
Junior Lecturer
MBA (Health Management) Preston University
Ahtisham Younas
Junior Lecturer
Qaisar Iqbal
Junior Lecturer
Post RN,
Specialized Diploma in Cardiac Nursing
Courses:  Cardiac Nursing


Ms.Uzma Siddiqui
Part time Instructor 
Life Sciences Masters in Bio Chemistry


Mr. Nouman Manzoor
Part time Instructor -
Pakistan Studies M.Sc (Mass Communication)


Mr.Zahir Shah
Part time Instructor
English MA English
M.Phil (English Linguistics and Literature )– Air University Islamabad-( In Progress)